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After Dance


Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places & from people who aren’t on your radar. I took this shot last night with my iPhone. As a photographer I despise the iPhone camera. Every once & awhile though I get a shot I actually like with the damn thing.

Last night I found myself in the Hudson Valley. I took my daughters & some of their friends to a Friday night Irish dance class in Sleepy Hollow NY where they work with Maureen Collins Novaco owner of the Lynn Academy of Irish Dance. Before you start judging & thinking I’m nuts (I currently live just outside of Princeton in New Jersey) I mixed the visit with some business, because a championship level Irish dance class can run for hours & often well into the night. Unless one enjoys sitting for hours on end playing solitaire on an iPad a diversion really is necessary.

Eventually I made my way back to Beekman Avenue in Sleepy Hollow. I was early of course, so I snapped some street pictures with my Canon & headed into the studio. Must have been me lucky day, because they were just finishing up. Once outside I realized I had parked in front of the SHPD & a police car had parked behind me while I was inside. Sadly my daughter’s don’t share my sense of humor, so they wouldn’t pose next to the car.

The shot I did get I love (one of the very few I’ve liked from that ratchet iPhone camera).

Now for my inspiration. Andrea recently checked out my site & has been encouraging me to post more just about every time I see her. I tend to get lost in time. Days, weeks, months, fly by… What I was going to do today turns into tomorrow, which turns into next month, & well you get the basic idea.

Thanks Andrea! The only thing that would have made this picture better is Jack!

~ Andrea is also my 267th Follower ~


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