Looking for myself in images. Photography was my life forever, but I lost my life somewhere along the way.


I have only a two passions in life:  my family and my cameras.

For many reasons my family has always come first, and they always will come first.  In the past, however, I’ve let many other things come between myself and my cameras.  Silly things like thinking I needed to be able to support myself.  I thought I couldn’t do it with my cameras.  I’ve never had a passion for shooting weddings and such, so one failed trip to the local AP field office at a shy 19 sent me in many wrong directions.  Those directions have all been good in the sense that I have met many different types of people over the years, and this has helped me find out who I am.  I have also been able to define who I am as a photographer.

My work is a reflection of my environment.  I am most inspired by people in their surroundings.  A child touching the wet sand from a recently receded wave.  A man sitting quietly on a bench waiting for his cell phone to ring.  A birthday girl seemingly overwhelmed at a theme restaurant.  Sometimes I find inspiration in just my surroundings.  The loneliness of the seashore at night.  The strangeness of a quiet hotel room in Times Square on a Saturday night. The peaceful beauty of a 4×4 beach road on a hot summer day.  I find them all to be amazing.

As I start this thing my hope is to find my way.  After taking so many different paths let’s hope I don’t lose my way again.


PS – All images are copyright protected.  Please contact for permission to use.  Thanks.



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